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8 Features That Access Control System Should Have
Date: Jun 20th  2016         Author: Digitalor

Choosing the proper access control system is not just good price, alone with your business grows, your access control system needs to match your scale. Also, the simple access functions may not be enough for your requirements. As a reliable access control system, basic access control is just the start, other features that ensure your security and convenience is the key. Here are the 8 must-have features we recommend. 

1. All-in-One Platform
    Diverse Functions
An ALL-IN-ONE platform includes all the related function modules: access control, alarm system, video surveillance, time & attendance, visitor management, car park management, elevator management, patrol management, and etc. With all-in-one platform, you don't need to buy many separated software and operate them one by one. This is a big convenience for administrators
2. One Card for all Applications
    True Integrated Platform.
By recording the user information in one Smart card, the card can be used for all applications, including T&A, Parking Lot, POS System, etc. Leave all the unnecessary cards at home, just one card is enough for everything.
3. Everyone Has His Own Authority
    User-Rights Management
Define different user-rights for different roles, which can be based on department, group or even company tiers. You will see the stuff and access the door within your authority only. This is to ensure your business security and privacy.
4. Input the Data and Settings Only Once
    Over All Management
User Access Rights can be simply copied and pasted to each other. Once the setting is done, the information will be distributed to all access point automatically. This feature is a must when you have many doors in your company, I'm sure you don't want to operate the same thing so many times.
5. Everything Should be in Sight
    Visualized E-Map
All the doors, sensors, devices are visualized in an E-Map dashboard, which is intuitive and easy to control. Easier to understand, faster to response.
6. You Will Not Miss Anything Important
    All-in-One Monitoring Dashboard
All-in-One Monitoring Dashboard displays everything that customers concerns, E-Map, Access Event, and Video Surveillance. You can have automatic alarm notification with live video from site, and the alarm will be sent to you by email or SMS too. Security is important, you want to get informed when the sensitive event occurs, just in case you are temporarily distracted.
7. No Matter How Big Your Company is
    Scalable Worldwide Deployment
TCP/IP based system and platform to manage all your global branches anywhere, ideal choice for worldwide business deployment. With at least over 500,000 card holder capacity, you don't need to worry about your future escalation.
8. Control Everything Wherever You Are
    Remote Control & Access
By one click, you can control every door and locks, see live video of every camera no matter where it is. Just knowing what happened may not be enough, you need to control it when it's urgent.

Hope you found this helpful.
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