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SmarRack - Data Center Asset Tracking

SmarRack Makes the Automated Assets Tracking Come True

With innovative patented MCRF technology, SmarRack can automatically track the physical location of server during its lifecycle in data center, which brings you a smart management that precise to each rack unit. SmarRack has solved the inaccuracy in manual recording of server movement. With the real-time information, it can interact with your DCIM or CMDB, to achieve 100% automated and accurate IDC management.

SmarRack makes the data 100% matched.

  • Simplify lifecycle management, ensure everything is correct without manual complex operation and recording.
  • High accuracy and fast inventory checking, one ‘click’ to check millions of asset in several minutes.
  • Real-time events and history record, view whatever and whenever you need.
  • Shorten downtime, find the failed server quickly, restore service in time.
  • Simple installation, convenient to use, low cost and fast ROI (Return of Investment) 
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Globalized Asset Tracking Platform
Globalized Asset Tracking Platform
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