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‘Guard-Free’ Base Station Loyal Defender

  • Use personal ID card as the unique tag, which ensures the authenticity traceability of maintenance stuff.
  • Because ID Card is encrypted RFID CPU card, and cannot be duplicated, which ensures safe management for access control and security of base station.
  • With unauthorized access alarm function in controller, alarm will be triggered if any event happened, which terrify the illegal suspect very much, as well, a live alarm message will be sent to
  • command center, and video monitoring will be triggered automatically for video recording. 
  • 'Navigator’ platform combines the security system and environmental monitoring system of base station, and provides innovative maintenance for security and environment monitoring  anagement.

Telecom Base Station Access Control Assembly
  Model Number: V3209-GPRS
Adopted with mobile network communication technology, certified with all the access controstandard for China Mobile wireless base station; built-in RF card reader module, 48V power module, door release button, GPRS wireless data module, 128 bits AES communication security module, etc

  • 32 bits RAM processor
  • TCP/IP network, fast real-time communication
  • Controller connects to server automatically to keep the communication constantly
  • Built-in 128 bits AES communication module ensures the security of system communication
  • Integrated assembly design saves much more time for installation, as well, the quality is improved

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