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Parking Garage Solution

Save labor cost: entrance in unmanned mode, no need stuff stand;
Contract customer card: install a Bluetooth/2.4G/900M/ remote card reader, to support non-stop card authentication of internal vehicles, which determined whether the vehicle has admission to pass, and if it does, open the gate directly;
Temporary card issuers: for a temporary entry vehicle, system will automatically issue a temporary parking card;
Information recording: synchronize the records of entry time, place and vehicle information to server when the reader captures vehicle license plate.
Image capture: capture vehicle image and store them in the database; when a gate is open, the event is triggered to record the vehicle info, so when it is out, you can have his image for future inspection purpose
No vacancy display: When all parking space is full,  display the ‘No Vacancy’ prompts in LED stand panel; meanwhile system stop releasing the temporary cards for new cars, but still retain the PC card functionality to release the special vehicles and personnel, such as contract customers and reserved space, etc.

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