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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution

The Situation and Challenges for Today’s DCIM System

  • Physical information of asset and data in management server can not be synchronized on time, information accuracy is less than 80% accuracy rate
  • Stock checking is entirely carried out by hand, no closed loop in the process
  • Inadequate assessment for residual value and utilization of asset, lack of real-time reference data for decision maker
  • A ‘fault’ between system capacity control and asset tracking of data center, which brings a lot of waste in rack space

Human Checking: Last Century Methodology
Barcode Scanner: Slow and in-effective
Active RFID Tag: Inaccurate for each rack unit, Costly Solution
Human Checking
Last Century Methodology, waste of labor which is costly than before
Barcode Scanner
Slow and in-effective; cannot update asset info in real time
Active RFID Tag
Inaccurate for each rack unit, Costly solution, Only few years battery life
New Era - Automatic Asset Tracking Solution

  • 100% consistence between asset information and information in back-stage
  • High accuracy in stock-taking and audit, one ‘click’ to update information of millions of asset in several minutes
  • Rapid response to track the changes of the asset
  • Increase labor force efficiency: easily record the asset information and other initial works
  • Simple installation, convenient  in use, low cost and fast ROI (Return of Investment)
SmarRack Solution
Accurate, Automatic, Cost Less, Save More
System Structure
Why Choose U-WEI

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