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Digitalor Achieve Success in 2017 CeBIT

         CeBIT 2017 was held as scheduled in Hannover, Germany. At every year’s CeBIT, there will be a lot of new products appears. People were amazed by rapid development of technology. Digitalor also launched our new product --- SmarRack, which is the result of technological innovation. SmarRack means the opening of intelligent age for data center assets management. SmarRack has decreased  the complexity of the prior manual management.
        The clients and competitors were amazed by SmarRack’s superior performance and innovative technology. SmarRack attracted the attention of the audience. Customers concerned that SmarRack would bring tremendous changes and improved service; Competitors concerned about the opportunities and possibilities of cooperation brought by SmarRack’s innovative technology. Among them, IBM, GE, Microsoft, HUAWEI Network Power department carefully asked related technology, performance and other aspects. They appreciated SmarcRack’s powerful and excellent performance. They thought SmarRack is the best solution for data center IT assets management, solving the pain point of current manual IT asset management mode. SmarRack created a revolutionary management mode which greatly enhanced the productivity.

         RITTAL company paid special attention to SmarRack and discussed with technical staff about the possibility of integration of SmarcRack and RITTAL rack, also the importance of intelligent rack for data center IT assets management. The change will play a great role in promoting data center industry development. It can be predicted that the future trend is intelligent management instead of manual management, the advantage is great improvement of accuracy, reliability and failure repair.

          In addition, SmarRack also attracted the attention of executives of INTEL. They asked about SmarcRack's innovation in technology and design concepts. Executives thought that joint of SmarRack would provide a real-time, efficient and accurate tools for physical monitoring based on INTEL and AMD framework server, provides simpler management mode for customers, brings new value.

         2017 CeBIT exhibition provides an appropriate opportunity for SmarcRack to show its innovative technologies and new concept of management mode in front of customers and competitors around the world. But this is just a beginning of SmarRack for international market. We believe that there are more customers who are interested in SmarRack will step into cooperation process with us rapidly and work together. Both of us will try our best to meet the arrival of intelligent management age for the future!
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