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Digitalor Launch New Product – SmarRack in 2017 DCW

       In March 2017, DCW exhibition was held in Hannover. Digitalor’s new product ---SmarRack also high-profile launched. SmarRack is a hardware applying to data center IT intelligent assets management. It developed by our company and we have independent intellectual property right. SmarRack is based on advanced design concept and technology innovation, breaks though bottleneck of the similar products, performance of reliability, stability and accuracy is improved significantly. Especially, it is as high as 100% in terms of accuracy. Thus SmarRack attracted all of the people’s attention. It is not only caused a strong interest of customer, but also get the attention of many competitors. Many famous enterprises, such as AT&T, RFCODE and Chubb, deeply knew the product and showed a high interest in SmarRack. We discussed warmly about performance and technology. And they confirmed the leading position and significance of SmarRack in the industry at last. Appearance of SmarRack means that data center IT intelligent assets management mode gets rid of the tedious and drawbacks of manual management mode, enters the new age of intelligent and efficient management.

        Future Facilities Company is a strong welcome attitude to SmarRack. Future Facilities Company tested the performance indicators of SmarRack. And they felt SmarRack far beyond their expectations. They highly praised that Chinese enterprise got such technology achievement. Each side explained their products and deeply discussed at the technical aspect. We were all agreed that our products were complementary. If SmarRack is combined with their product, combined product could improve and optimize data center IT assets management, brought customers with a qualitative leap. Both of us have a good win-win foundation and desired long in-depth cooperation.

       Our company gained so much in 2017 DCW exhibition. Our main-push product, SmarRack has won the affirmation and recognition of customers and competitors, established leading position in data center IT intelligent assets management. SmarRack is the industry leader whether technology innovation or product performance. It wrote a beginning of brilliant movement for SmarRack into international market that 2017 DCW is successful completion.

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