Customer Values
U-level Tracking

Real-time position tracking
U-level Space Perception

Real-time monitor U-level Space Utilization

3 seconds audit massive assets
ROI Optimization

AIoT Technology
Revolution of Data Center IT Asset Operation
Digital U-level Asset Solution
Digital U-level Asset Managament SaaS

Asset Management
Asset Audit
Real-time Positioning
Alarm Management
Temp and Humidity Management
Reduce IT Consumption
Delivery Service to Racks
Increase Operation Efficiency
Increase Space Utilization
User Case
U-level Asset Tracking Demo kit (with Magic Box)
Support OTA and Web access. Easily integrated with the third party system, like DCIM,CMDB etc.
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Room No.2303, 2A Building, International Innovation Valley, Vanke Cloud City, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. 51800

Founded in 2007, Digitalor is the leader of digital tracking and protection technology for critical assets and resources in Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, 5G, and Data center. Our patented MC-RFID technology broke through the industry technical
bottleneck and helps Data centers realize digital transformation around the world.

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