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How to solve the inaccuracy in IDC assets tracking
Date: May 30th  2016         Author: Digitalor

As we know, the big sized datacenter is not possibly well managed by only human. When the complexity grows with the escalation, software and database will be required. But only software and database are enough? ‘Sometimes we still could lost some servers, due to the wrong recording of physical position’, Mr. Wang, an experienced data center operator said, ‘what we need urgently now, is a method to remind us if we misplaced some server, or recorded the position wrong. The workflow and SAP software is fine, but there isn’t a proper device to acquire and confirm the physical location.’

Mr. Wang’s words could represent the need of most data center operators. Is there any method to solve this problem? ‘The solution we are using now is bar code or active RFID, to some extent, active RFID can reflect its position, but that is not precise enough for data center. Active RFID is just a regional positioning, far below the precision we need’, said Mr. Wang.

In recent years, some companies starts developing the solution for data center IT assets tracking. An interesting solution named SmarRack from Digitalor gets the massive attention. It’s the most economical solution for automated and precise assets tracking, specially designed for data center. By now, some well-known companies like Huawei and Tencent are trying the solution in their new IDCs, SmarRack solution is appreciated by many operators including Mr. Wang, he said, ‘it’s the best solution I have seen in this industry, all the problems are solved, I can’t wait to share this information to my colleagues. Hopefully, we will try it in our next data center as well.’

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