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InButton is not just a home automation device.

It's a platform for connecting your family and friends.

We provide diverse mobile APP and service based on it.

Open Your Door from Anywhere

When your child press the doorbell, but you are busy cooking.

When your friend visits, but you are still on the way.

It's raining, but you have to get off the car to open garage door.

These all can be solved now...

Even You are not at Home

InButton realizes global control.

Your house is in control no matter where you are.

Check if your door is closed properly, and who opened it.

Tom is Home

When you have to work late,

And you want to know if your children are home

We push messages to your APP when your children arrive home.

InButton DIY Suite Packet

2-in-1 Control Module

Smartphone & Tag Access Reader

Mini Tags

InButton Mobile APP

InButton Doorbell (Optional)

Video Intercom (Optional)





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