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SmarRack Helps Tencent to Improve Its new IDC
Date: May 5th 2016         Author: Digitalor

May, 2016, Tencent showed its new smart IDC, T-Block to the public. (

Tecent's new IDC: T-Block

Tencent is one of the three biggest IT companies in China, and has over 1.2 billion online users. To support such huge amount of online users, Tencent has to setup millions of servers all over the world.  Seeking a effective assets management method, is always an important subject of the big internet companies for a long time.   .
However, IT assets management is not a problem for Tencent now. In Tencent’s new T-Block Data Center, Digitalor’s SmarRack module will make the IT assets managed automatically and in real-time. The massive work in inventory checking and device positioning is all controlled by SmarRack automatically. SmarRack makes assets management more effective and accurate (100% accuracy rate), and finnally improve the serivce quality of our customers.

SmarRack Module in Tecent’s New Server Racks

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