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SmarRack Operation Project with IBM BigFix
Date: July 29th  2016         Author: Digitalor

More and more customers of global big data centers are paying great attention to SmarRack, which is recognized as one of the most innovative and revolutionary design; with a series of cases of installation in some big data centers, a great number of software companies and integrators now see the value of SmarRack.
BigFix Platform, as one of the endpoint security solution of Data Center from IBM, can discover the vulnerabilities of all endpoints, patches them, and Get real-time situational awareness and incident response across all endpoints to mitigate damage.
Digitalor and IBM is now working on cooperating in the Smart Operation business, which target IDC service providers and users and provide automatized operation service from physical assets real time monitoring to IT maintenance real time monitoring as a conjunction; this service will greatly increase the efficiency for IDC operation, as well as the fast reaction ability to resolve the vulnerability, and protect users' business.
As the base layer, SmarRack provides the real time and accurate physical information of endpoints, ensure the efficiency of BigFix, and cut the cost for maintenance for users.

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