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Why Data Center Needs an Effective&Efficient Assets Tracking Solution
Date: May 21th  2016         Author: Digitalor

Before talking about why assets tracking is needed, let's discuss something that IDC cares most:

1. Server utilization rate. The current method to solve the insufficient capacity is just to buy the redundant, the redundancy will surely lead to lower utilization rate. In order to ensure high utilization rate and sufficient capacity, the best solution is to buy the capacity(servers) needed only. But this also means more frequent purchasing and complex operation.

2. Lower PUE. New servers have higher power efficiency. So shorter lifecycle can bring higher PUE. Another aspect is mentioned before,  the redundant servers, that will consume much unnecessary power for IDC. Consequently, shorter lifecycle management and more frequent purchasing can effectively reduce PUE.

3. The downtime. The loss caused by downtime is a big number, to shorten the downtime is essential for IDC's operation and reputation. But usually 80% of the time is spent on finding the failed device. Because it's not easy to find the particular device among the giant data center.

The benefit is obvious, but why we are not operating like this? Because the frequent operation is likely to cause other loss. The frequent operation is not as simple as it sounds like. When we add/remove/move the device, we must have a sound recording of its geographic location change. But by now, the recording of location is done by man, that means the error will be inevitable. Once the geographic information is not recorded correctly, that could mean spending hours to days, to find the server in the extremely noisy data center. therefore, the complex operation may cause bigger loss than its benefits, this is why most data center are not practising as the optimum operating standard.

But what if we can solve the problem in complex operation? We are able to track each server's location in real-time, without any manual recording now. In IDC industry, there are some solutions for assets tracking (see the comparison), in the mean time, can also simpify the operation with its auto-tracking function.  To know more about the automated assets tracking, please subscribe to our news.

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