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Why DCIM is Not Effective Sometimes
Date: Jun 13th  2016         Author: Digitalor

DCIM is a great tool designed for data center management, but some big clients are complaining that DCIM is not effective for them. Why? Because operation is more complex than what it is described in DCIM software, a comment from data center operator.

DCIM can only be effective with accurate data source. DCIM software could have the sound strategy plan and operation instructions, but all these are based on the effective data source, like the data of power consumption and efficiency of each server, which rack unit is the server at, and etc. These data come from a readable meter, with which the DCIM software should work together. Especially in giant data centers, the complexity increases exponentially with the escalation. It's not feasible to get all these information on-site. So DCIM is not all for operation, reliable data source and feasibility will be another key point.
How to guarantee the accuracy of the data source? The trend is using automated and readable meters, including power meter of each device for power management, the physical position tracking system of each server for lifecycle management, and so forth...

In the past, the recommended lifecycle management is not feasible in giant data centers. Simply because the tracking information of each server is done by human, mistake is often and inevitable. But now, there are some solutions for automated assets tracking. The best physical position tracking system for data center is merging now, the MCRF technology is a talented solution for data center assets tracking, it's the most durable, accurate and economic solution.

As the cloud and big data industry grows, the close-loop DCIM solution is going to be a must-have tool for giant data centers.

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